Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lulu Weaving

Lulu Weaving with nancy Kozikowski in China

John Cacciatore with Nancy in China

This is a beautiful, classical home, just built for my neighbor by her sons. Her husband died when her sons were very young. She struggled to feed them. They have repaid her with this awesome (sp?) Place. The furniture inside cost more than the building.

Lulu's mother hand made these shoes and boots for her great grand daughter, Yiyi. I mean really hand made. Lulu cut the pattern and her mom sewed them by hand. Beautiful.

back in china

Nancy Kozikowski in China
Mr Zhang JiLi (right) came by the studio to discuss plans for my Shang Museum Exhibition which opens Sept 28 in Song Zhuang.

Back in China

We had lunch and special ”Rock tea” from Fujian Provance with Dong Sheng and Han Yan at their Gallery. Sept.1, the Park Fine Art International Travel Show will open at HanYan Gallery, with 60 artist's work from 7 countries.    

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Music Showcase in USA

Here is a shot of my daughter lucy dancing at a performance in the US